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Send roses to Ukraine – Rose Delivery

Send and Smile is your trusted florist for your rose orders to Ukraine. Among the flowers that Ukrainian women love, there are red flowers on the top. There are many varieties of roses sent to each other by lovers. There are types of rose petals varying according to their width and density.

The most important points that should be considered when sending roses in Ukraine is the type of rose. Some roses have a leaf width of 10 cm, while some roses are 1-2 centimeters wide. The other thing to note is the Rose Length. Flower prices vary according to the length of the stem, which usually ranges from 50 to 100 cm.

The last point to pay attention when sending roses in Ukraine is that it can freeze during the delivery of flowers in the rose petals due to the air temperature which can fall down to -20 degrees in winter. In the winter, such problems can occur during the delivery of flowers in Ukraine.
What does rose mean in Ukraine?
Roses are the best flowers which can describe love, loyalty, and friendship. Red, white, yellow and pink is in the colors of roses that generally we have. You can send your favorite rose to Ukraine to make your loved ones happy.

What kind of roses do you need to send to whom?

In Ukraine, you can even send rose to your friend, partner, girlfriend and even colleagues. Which kind of rose color is popular among the Ukrainian women? The answer is the red rose as in many countries. However, the red rose expresses love and affection. It will represent a noble and elegant love with the addition of white roses. If you want to send roses for your Ukrainian girlfriend, you can send Bouquet of roses in to your loved ones.

To sum up, before giving your rose orders, have a look at our rose varieties. We have small, medium and large stem rose options in Ukraine. Moreover, If you want to send roses in Ukraine, we might have the best rose offers in Ukraine. Send roses and make Ukrainians happier than ever!

Note: You can choose long stems when you are sending gifts and flowers to Ukraine. Because if you are sending your feeling, you can choose cheap and quality stems.