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Sending Tulips to Ukraine – Tulips delivery
Show your love with tulips flower because in almost every season in Ukraine you can find them, . “Send and Smile” as your choice florist in Ukraine, we deliver your meaningful messages to your loved ones. In Ukraine, tulip varieties often vary depending on the size of the flower.

Sometimes tulip varieties with broad leaves are cultivated and tulips with small flowers are offered for sale. Small flowering tulips can continue to bloom and grow for 1-2 weeks after flowering in a vase. Sending tulip flowers to Ukraine
What does Tulip mean in Ukraine?
Tulips in Ukraine have different meanings according to their color. While red tulip means “love”, white tulip means “purity” and “cleanliness”. In addition to the color of flowers, the packing is also important.
What kind of Tulips do you need to send to whom?
Among the Ukrainians, the tulip is a very popular flower. Moreover, you can send tulip to your friends, lover, wife, and colleagues in every season. We recommend you to pay attention to the number of tulips that you are sending. If you are sending tulips for Ukrainian women, you can have a look our different options.

Finally, If you want to make your loved ones happy, you can send flowers with your Ukrainian florist, Send and Smile.