Ukrainian Man

General Characteristics of Ukrainian Men

Ukrainian man has problem with alchol

Ukrainian men’s hair and eye color.

There are many people in Ukraine with blond hair and blue eyes. Also, most men are blond with bright eyes. But it doesn’t mean that the first man you will meet will be like Brad Pitt. But yes, physically they are also very good.

Ukrainian men are high.

We can say that men in Ukrainian men are higher than men in other countries. But we can’t also say, that Ukrainian men have wider shoulders than men in other countries. It means that they are high but slim. Like others, Ukrainian men with age start to gain weight. But you also can see a few men of age at 6:00 in the morning running outside or doing some exercises despite the weather.

Ukrainian men alcohol lovers

We came to one of the most unpleasant features of Ukrainian men. It is alcohol. Yes, Ukrainian men do not know the measures and can easily get drunk. The most popular drink is Vodka named “Horilka”. This drink includes 40 percent of alcohol, so it is very strong. It serves with food and drinking from small glasses. Due to our observations, many families can have problems with alcohol addiction.

Note: The new men generation is no longer so. They try to lead a healthy lifestyle and live in a European way.

Ukrainian men are nationalists.

Most of the Soviet Union countries proclaimed their independence in 1991-1992. Since that day, the Soviet Union went out and Russia came to his place. The countries of the former Soviet Union, especially Ukraine, which defends its independence, also started to show their nationalism. Earlier to Ukrainian men people said “Kozak”. But in recent years in modern Ukraine, there are taglines like “Kozak”, “Glory To Ukraine“; and ”Glory to the heroes”.

Ukrainian men are shy.

Yes, everything is actually so. Our ingenuous and diffident men are also shy. Children, young boys, and men of any age are a little bit shy. We think that the way of education influences on this. Women’s participation in society created equality between a man and a woman. Also, the community created this equality. Equality was grown on the place of the patriarchal society. In our opinion, all men are shy. But in the patriarchal society, men were given more jobs to make them more mature and experienced. Men in Ukraine are also gentlemen.

Ukrainian men are gentlemen.

Shy Ukrainian men at the same time are gentlemen in relation to women. They wait for their bellowed one on the bus stop to take them home. They often buy presents and flowers to their women. They don’t forget important dates. Help to clean the house. When a woman gets off the bus they give a hand to her. They also do many more things like that. And how men in your country are gentlemen? You can write it below.

Send and make presents to such a Ukrainian gentleman.