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Sending teddy bears in Ukraine

In Ukraine for present we can’t send only a teddy bear without flowers. First of all you should choose a teddy bear by size. Than you should choose flowers. A nice teddy bear will always be a great addition to any bouquet. Moreover, you can send flowers and gifts to most of the Ukrainian cities. For instance, we are delivering you teddy bears in Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkov and so on.

What does sending teddy bear mean in Ukraine?

In Ukraine teddy bear is a present that will surely please your beloved one. Sending teddy bear to woman or children can mean that little part of you will always be near them. Send a teddy bear and be near your favorites.

What kind of teddy bears will be better to send?

In Ukraine children like small and medium teddy bear, but women prefer bigger ones. Being close to those who are dear to you will bring peace and happiness.

Finally, we guarantee that your presents will make happy the receiver you are sending. While sending your gifts, choose Send and Smile, make your loved ones happy!