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14 February gift ideas and suggestions for Ukrainian women

Valentine’s Day in Ukraine is a very popular day. Despite being one of the youngest holidays in Ukraine, this day is a day celebrated by everyone among Ukrainian Lovers. This day has been celebrated in Western Europe since the 13th century. In Ukraine, the tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day has been continuing since the beginning of the 90s of the last century.

When do Ukrainians celebrate Valentine’s Day?

The holiday known as Valentine’s Day in Ukraine is celebrated every year on February 14. Although there is no public holiday, couples spend time with each other. They also buy gifts for each other and celebrate their love.

What are the symbols of Valentine’s Day in Ukraine?

The classic symbol of Valentine’s Day in Ukraine is the red rose and the small card-shaped love letter called “valentinka” that appeared in the 15th century. According to legends, Charles d’Orleans, who was fighting with boredom in prison, wrote small love letters to his wife.

Love letters “valentinka” became very popular in the 16th century and have survived to the present day. People who are afraid to show their feelings in Ukraine also have the opportunity to express their feelings without saying their names by sending “valentinka” to the people they like. We can also say “valentinka” is a kind of anonymous love letter.

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Ukraine?

On February 14, lovers in Ukraine buy red roses and buy different gifts. What to buy for Ukrainian lovers on February 14? Our recommendations are flowers, perfumes, necklaces and for sure a small “valentinka”.

Today, couples can do different activities and spend time together. For example, they can go to the cinema, theater, concert or exhibition, or go to the restaurant and spend time together.