1.1. Order formation

1.1.1. Orders on the website https:// www.sendandsmile.com are accepted 24 hours (via phone, İnstagram, Viber, WhatsApp).

1.1.2. The cost of delivery for flowers and gifts may vary depending on the city and the price is reported separately for each individual order.

1.1.3. At the same time, the Seller does not provide services for the goods delivery purchased from the third persons.

1.1.4. If the order made by the Buyer has been fully completed and paid, its preparation is realized by several hours before the dispatch.

1.1.5. If the order was made after 18:00, the ability to dispatch the Goods on the same day is determined by the company’s representatives.

1.1.6. While ordering Buyer have to define exactly his data and the Addressee’s data in accordance with the form proposed by the Seller (incorrect Addressee’s data may prevent the execution of the order within the period specified by the Buyer. In this case, the delivery of the order will be postponed no later than for 24 hours after the payment from the moment when the Buyer provides the correct information about the Addressee).

1.2. Ways to pay for the order

1.2.1. Payment for the order means that the Buyer agrees to the terms of the agreement with the Seller.

1.2.2. The buyer, according to the contract, pays for the goods by sending money to the Seller’s account.

1.2.3. The price of any product presented on the website https://www.sendandsmile.com is actual while ordering. If the seller changes the price, he has to inform the Buyer in the shortest possible time.

1.2.4. The order begins to prepare only after the money comes to the Seller’s account.

1.2.5. The message about the order payment comes to the email address that the Buyer informs when registering on the Seller’s website.

1.2.6. Unregistered Buyer must contact the company management and send a payment receipt to the info@sendandsmile.com email.

1.2.7. Payment commissions and terminals service fees of being paid by the Buyer.

1.3. Terms of delivery

1.3.1. During ordering the Buyer must specify the details of the delivery (one order, one date, time and address). If you need to congratulate more than one person at different addresses or at different time, you need to make the required number of orders).

1.3.2. The Goods are delivered by contacting the Addressee by phone number, which is indicated by the Buyer in the order form.

1.3.3. If there is no possibility to contact the Addressee, then the Goods are delivered according to the information (address, time, Buyer’s name, etc.) given by the Buyer while ordering. If there is no Buyer at the given address, the goods will, if possible, be delivered to a third persons (relatives, colleagues, neighbors, guards, etc.) If no one takes the order (no one opened the door, the neighbors do not want to take it, the Buyer does not work or does not live at this address) then the order is considered to be delivered, payment is not refunded. This order can be taken after contacting the company number in the Seller’s shop within 24 hours).

1.3.4. Delivery of the order in the fastest way “On the same day” will be realized within 8 hours after the exchange of information about the place of delivery and the order payment.

1.3.5.  Paid and completed before 15:00 of the previous day Orders will be delivered before 15:00 of the next day. Orders to the same day are accepted on Mon-Fri until 15:00, Sat-Sun until 12:00.

1.3.6. The buyer can make changes to the order no later than 8 hours before the delivery. (Canceling a ready order is impossible. The buyer can make a new order and pay for it. In this case, the previous order is considered to be delivered or may be sent to another person at the request of the Buyer.)

1.3.7. During delivery, photographing the Addressee is not guaranteed and is possible only with the permission of the Addressee.

3.4. Delivery of the orders on weekends

3.4.1. Delivery of the orders on weekends like New Year, February 14, March 8, and so on (1 day before or 1 day after the holiday) is available throughout the day. Exact order time is not guaranteed, but Buyer’s wishes about morning, afternoon or evening delivery may be taken into consideration.

1.4.2. Due to excessive activity during the holidays, the delivery confirmation period is 2 workdays, that means that the Buyer may receive a message of the order realization with a delay.

1.4.3. On weekends (1 day before and 1 day after) photos are not guaranteed.

1.4.4. The Addressee must sign the order delivery form in the courier.

1.4.5. There is no guarantee that flowers ordered on weekends will be delivered the same day. Orders made the day before will be delivered at the weekend, but there are no guarantees about the delivery time.

1.5. Surprise order

1.5.1. Surprise order is made without the contact with the person receiving the delivery (when ordering, the Buyer guarantees that the Addressee will be at the delivery address within a mentioned period of time, of at least 3 hours. If there is no Addressee at the mentioned address and the order was not delivered to third persons (relatives, employees, neighbors, guards), then the order is considered to be delivered.