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1 Long Stem Red Rose


1 meter Teddy Bear


101 White and Pink Roses Box


11 Long Stem White Rose


13 cm Teddy Bear


15 Long Stem Red Rose


15 Long Stem White Rose


15 Pink Roses Box


151 Red Roses in the Box to Ukraine


19 Red Roses 15 Kinder Surprises Box


19 White Roses Box


25 Long Stem Red Rose


25 Red Roses Box


25 Red White Mix Roses Box


29 Red White Mix Roses Box


3 Long Stem Red Rose


30 cm Teddy Bear


35 Heart Shaped Red Roses Box


35 Pink Roses Basket


5 Long Stem Red Rose


7 Long Stem Red Rose


7 Pieces Birthday Balloons


9 Long Stem Red Rose


9 Long Stem White Rose


Cherry Liqueur


Colorful Balloons


Daisy Gerbera Bouquet


Ferrero Rocher 200 Gr


Ferrero Rocher 300 Gr


Gerbera and Daisy Mix Basket


Gerbera Basket


Honey Fruit Basket


Kiev Cake


Kinder Children Kiev Basket


Large Cactus


Large Fruit Basket




Mix Bouquet Smile


Napoleon Cake




Perfect Fruit Basket


Pink Red White Yellow Daisy Gerbera Bouquet


Red and Pink Heart Balloon


Roshen Chocolate of Kyiv


Roshen Monterini


Small Cactus


Sweet Fruit Basket


Trufalie Chocolate


Ukraine Women’s Day Flower and Gift Combination No3


White Pink Purple Orchid


Women’s Day Flower and Gift Combination for Ukraine No1


Women’s Day Flower and Gift Combination for Ukraine No2


Women’s Day Love Rose Box Ukraine


Women’s Day Rose and Chocolate Box Ukraine


How can I send flowers to Dnipro?

I want to send flowers to Dnipro? How can I send flowers to Dnipro? It is now very easy to order flowers delivery for Dinipro. You can order online delivery of flowers and gifts you choose on our website on the same day or for a later date. It is now very easy to send flowers and gifts to your Ukrainian lover, friend, girlfriend or boyfriend in Dnipro. With our online Dnipro e-commerce, e-flower and e-store site, you can instantly create your flower order and have your flowers and gifts delivered to Dnipro. You can control on our website whether the flowers you want to send can be delivered to Dnipro under the cities tab on the product page or you can see which flowers can be shipped to Dnipro using the city filter on our homepage.

Same day flower delivery in Dnipropetrovsk

I want to send flowers to Dnipro city Dnipropetrovsk or Dnieper on the same day. Is there a Ukrainian florist who can deliver flowers to Dnipro today? Send and Smile Dnipro is the flower shop of the Ukrainian company, which delivers flowers, flower baskets and bouquets to the city of Dnipro on the same day. If you want your flower order to be delivered to Dnipro on the same day, you should place your order until 12:00. However, you can write to our Whatsapp company line + 38073UKRAINE or to find out if your important flower order that you will give after 12:00 or on special days can be delivered to Dnipro on the same day, you can get detailed delivery information from our customer representatives who speak English , Turkish and Russian.

How can I send a gift to Dnipro?

Where and how can I send gifts to Dnipro? Is there a website that sends gifts in Dnipro? Our answer to those who ask these questions, you can send your gifts via the Dnipro gift shop Send and Smile website. To send gifts to the city of Dnipropetrovsk in Ukraine, you must first order a flower from our website. First add the flower you want to send to your basket, then select the gift you want to send and add it to your cart. To be able to deliver gifts to Dnipro you need to add a gift next to the flower. We can not deliver only gifts without flowers.

Dnipro same day gift delivery

Send & Smile Dnipro Gift Delivery is the number one choice of those who want to send gifts to Dnipro on the same day. For the delivery of your gift orders on the same day to the city of Dnipropetrovsk, Dnepr, Dnipro, Ukraine, you need to add your gift next to your flower order until 12:00 according to Ukrainian time. In addition, our order delivery time is between 15:00 and 21:00, the exact delivery time is determined by our cargo delivery company with the recipient. However, on special occasions or disaster-flood-epidemic-quarantine, etc. cases, your gift order to Dnipro can be delivered the next day. If the delivery day and time is important for you, you can contact our customer representative by writing an English, Turkish or Russian message to our Whatsapp business line + 38073UKRAINE, or text us via

Reliable Florists in Dnipro

Is there a reliable florist in Dnipro? Can you recommend a reliable English or Turkish speaking flower site that sends to Dnipropetrovsk? Our company Send and Smile, which deliver to Dniepr, is the number one reliable flower and gift company in Ukraine. The SSL security certificate we use on our website (the locked lock icon in your browser before the name of our website) is a sign that you are safe when shopping on our website. We also take the payment to our company account and we process 3dSecure during your payment. Send & Smile is a reliable florist company that sends flowers and gifts to Dnipro.

English and Turkish speaking florist in Dnipro

Send and Smile sends to Dnipro and provides English, Turkish and Russian services, offering quality, reliable and inexpensive flowers and gifts. Our company is established with Ukrainian and Turkish partners and our employees are Ukrainian. The languages we serve are Ukrainian, Russian, English and Turkish. With the English-speaking florist Send and Smile in the city of Dnipro, you can order flowers and gifts in Ukraine in your mother tongue language. Our customer service also speaks Turkish. If you have any questions, you can get English or Turkish service by writing to our Whatsapp + 38073UKRAINE, or send us an e-mail/mail to our mail address

Ukrainian trusted florist in Dnipro

Reliable Ukrainian florist Send & Smile company in Dnipro. If you want to order with our company in Dnipro city, all you have to do is to make an order on our website. Our website has has programs that protect your credit card, debit card and personal data against third parties. In addition, customer satisfaction is our target, which is at the core of our company. Send and Smile is a reliable florist in Dnipro city with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Cheapest Dnipro Florist

We recommend you to use our website to send cheap flowers to Dniepr. Unlike other foreign companies, the cheapest florist in Dnipro is Sen and Smile. The main reason for the price advantage of our company, which sends cheap flowers and cheap gifts and delivers to Dnipropetrovsk city, is that we are in Ukraine. Our company is registered in the Ukrainian register and we are taxed according to the laws of Ukraine. In this way, we are proud of being a cheap florist company in Ukraine.

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